Friday, October 18, 2013

Get 30% from every referred member’s fees paid to Click2Sell.

  • Get 30% from every referred member’s fees paid to Click2Sell. You will be paid as long as your referred members – whether vendors or affiliates - stay active and sell products for his/her first 18 months!
    Once you have referred new members to Click2Sell – you can relax! Others will work for you!
  • It’s easy to set up

    Just a few easy steps – and you can start earning residual money by using Click2Sell Referral Program.
  • Advanced reporting system

    Click2Sell offers you a unique tracking system to collect all the information about your referred users, the number of transactions they made and, of course, your earned commissions!
  • It’s free – you have nothing to lose!

    Click2Sell Referral Program is a no-risk proposal – it’s free!
Here is a simple example of how much you can earn by referring members to Click2Sell:
Let the average product price be 70 USD; in this case the Click2Sell fee for each sale is 3 USD. For example, the average commission rate is 60% and the average number of sales per month is 30. In this case you can earn:
Referred members
Referred vendors
Referred affiliates
Direct sale
Via affiliate

Don’t miss the opportunity to earn 2700 USD a month (and even more) just doing nothing!
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